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Serves up to 16 people, for the larger gathering. Freezes up to 3 months either before or after cooking. Can be cut into sections to be frozen.   This delicious no-turkey roast is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table. It has a meaty, flavoured outer  (flavoured with white wine, mushrooms and herbs and spices,) and a fruity interior (with cranberries, apricots, sweet potatoes, breadcrumbs, chickpeas, leeks, garlic and herbs).  The roast is then rubbed with a herby mixture, wrapped in a  muslin cloth and simmered in a white wine and mushroom broth until cooked. The outer is a smoked 'facon' which lends to the traditional appearance. It comes with cooking instructions and can be collected in person or delivered UK wide.  For personal collections from my home in Low Fell Gateshead, please email  Please note; Whilst the photographs are my own,  This recipe is my version of a recipe in Gaz Oakley's Vegan Christmas book-I highly recommend this book for other exciting Christmas trimmings and treats.

Celebration Roast (large)

SKU: Made to Order
This takes three days to source ingredients and to make so please order well in advance.
  • Soy milk; dried mushrooms; Olive oil; onion; garlic; white wine; chickpeas; tofu; miso; maple syrup; tarragon; thyme; rosemary; sage; cayenne pepper; sea salt; black pepper; Vital wheat gluten; Gram flour; nutritional yeast; vegetable stock (contains celery and soy protein); white wine; bay leaf; rapeseed oil; leek; cinnamon; sweet potato; dried apricots; dried cranberries; breadcrumbs-(contains gluten)chestnuts; lemon zest; apple juice; soy sauce; sweet smoked paprika; liquid smoke; fennel seeds.

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